How to Spawn/Summon a Giant Zombie In Minecraft Easy Way

The Easy Way to Make a Giant Zombie in Minecraft Welcome back to another post NBTEKNO ENGLISH, This time I will share an article that discusses how to make giant zombies or more commonly called Giant Zombies. In version 1.7 and above have been able to call the Giant and Ender dragon in the creative model, this Giant zombie always faces south when in spawn and will teteap like that, never walking around, turning heads, chasing players, and destroying your world except only to take knockback, the direction of pandagan can be changed but only with through block like command block or essentially Giant Zombie this just as a display and not useful at all Giant Specification :Health :100 (50HATI)
Attack Strength : Easy :26  Normal :50  Hard : 75
Drops : 5 experience
Network ID : 53
Savegame ID : Giant
How to Call a Giant Zombie in Minecraft :
Must have minecraft of course, if not have can download HERE.Create a new folder with Creative mode, or survival is okay if the cheat is enabled because we…